„Cement-hoppers and other humbugs“

A collection of 7 short stories.

(Bitter-sweet sketches of life and gossip in an African slum.)

1. Akua the Liar,
2. Blue Murder in Mango Street,
3. Cement-hoppers,
4. Colossus retraced,
5. God’s Gift,
6. The Barbich Saga,
7. The Luncheon.


An Easter Story.

 After a dry and pleasant January, this February treated us with tremendous heat and humidity. However, that should not be regarded as news in West Africa. In our part of the world February and March always are the hottest months of the year.
 It was rather something else that did disturb us; something that had never happened before. After an eclipse of the sun, the moon went berserk. It crossed its usual path and strayed far into the northern sky. The antics performed by the moon had terrible consequences. The rains started earlier and with such abundance that parts of the capital were flooded. Sandbanks on the beaches burst open and tidal waves swept into the marshlands along the coast turning them into deep lagoons. Many a coconut palm that had previously fringed the shoreline tumbled into the ocean and drifted away. To make everything worse, on Thursday, the sixth day of March, a strong earthquake shook Mildenport. Tremors and daunting rambling, continued for weeks. The storm that hit the town on the following Sunday was so strong that some buildings in our neighbourhood lost their roofs. Sheets of corrugated iron flew like enormous kites injuring those who had failed to take shelters on time. The rumour went that two men were decapitated.
 Apprehension and intolerance permeated the air.